6 Skills That Make You a Great Franchisee

If you’re thinking about investing in a franchise opportunity, one of the things that you should consider is whether you have the skills required to run a great franchise. Although you don’t need a lot of business experience because most franchisors will provide thorough training, there are a number of skills that are extremely helpful […]

6 Things You Can Do to Ensure Your Franchise Business Runs Smoothly

Compared to building a new business from the ground up, you’ll be taking fewer risks by investing in a franchise business. This is because you’ll be working with an established brand and be provided with a full-fledged support system—something that traditional business owners can take years to develop. However, that doesn’t mean that you can […]

Three Smart Ways to Mitigate the Cost of Opening Your Sign Business

Opening a sign business can be a smart decision. You’ll leave behind the day-to-day grind of the corporate world, be your own boss and have the backing of a proven brand. But you’ll also need to come up with some capital in order to get your business up and running. For some, financing a franchise […]

Looking to Invest in a Print Shop Franchise? Why B2B Is a Better Choice

The power of print advertising in the digital age is surprisingly strong, and business in this industry is often surging. Perhaps the reason is akin to the failure of ebooks to completely replace paper books—there is something about a real, physical sign, banner, or flyer that can never be replaced by a digital representation. Whatever […]

B2B Franchising: Why B2B Makes the Most Sense

When you research franchise opportunities, one area to not overlook is the business-to-business, or B2B market. A business whose customers are also businesses opens the door to larger income potential and, often, more consistent revenue streams. While some unique challenges exist in this business model, B2B franchise opportunities can open you up to new levels […]

Why Multi-unit Franchising is Now King … and Why Location Matters More Than Ever!

When prospective franchisees picture being part of a thriving franchise, they usually imagine pulling into a multi-unit franchise location and watching the business teem with energy, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial verve. The independent research firm FRANdata has actually shown that the majority of franchisees (52 percent) are now multi-unit operators. Franchise Update Media Group went onto say that multi-unit franchises […]

Concerned About Costs? Why Sign Franchising is the Better Option

People dream of entering the world of entrepreneurship. They love the idea of being the boss and balancing their life more evenly between work and play. These same people begin to re-think their plans as they realize the statistically high rate of failure for start-ups. If you are one of these dreamers, you have probably […]

4 Tips for Making Your U.S. Brand Truly International

When entrepreneurs first ask about economic growth overseas, the BRIC countries usually work their way into the conversation early and often. BRIC countries — Brazil, Russia, India and China — represent huge growth potential throughout the 21st century as their economies come fully online and their populations increasingly engage with Western brands. The recently unveiled Trans-Pacific Partnership also shores up countries like Vietnam, […]

Location, Location, Location: The Key to Owning Multiple Franchise Stores

For entrepreneurs who’ve already experienced a taste of success in their careers, owning a franchise can be one of the most lucrative, exciting and well-established ways of expanding your horizons. Teaming up with a recognized franchise provides you with automatic name recognition, products and services that customers already love, and close contact with regional and nationwide […]

Three Reasons to Invest in a Sign Franchise Today

We know your type. You’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit but you haven’t found the right opportunity to bring your self-employment goals to fruition. You like working with the public but you don’t want to risk opening a small shop. You’re finally ready to invest in yourself, and are looking into franchising as option to […]