Investment Profile

In addition to strong character traits such as leadership, dedication, and business savvy, potential Signarama franchisees will also need to fit the bill financially.

While opening a franchise can be a fantastic investment opportunity, franchisees will need sufficient funding for a successful launch. Below are some of the costs you can expect to invest in order to get your Signarama franchise off the ground.

Signarama Franchise

Franchise Fee

The franchise fee of $49,500 is due at the time that your contract is signed. The franchise fee is set based on a number of factors including company expenses for grant and acquisition, uniqueness of the business, complexity levels, and overall revenue streams, to name a few.

Liquid Capital

Liquid capital is an asset that is readily convertible. Liquid capital is an important determinant in whether or not the business will be financially stable until it begins to turn a profit. In order to open a Signarama franchise, you must have a minimum of $49,500 in liquid capital.

Total Investment

As a Signarama new franchisee, you can expect an approximate total investment of $185,000 to $195,000. This includes the $49,500 franchise fee. Investment costs include everything you will need to have your store fully operational – including supplies, machinery, rent, insurance and other expenses.

Signarama Royalty

As a Signarama franchisee, you will pay 6% of your gross sales revenue in royalties. This is a recurring expense that covers items such as ongoing support and other resources provided by the brand.

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