2016 was the sixth straight year in which franchising will outgrow corresponding non-franchise businesses across all industries.

That is big news!

When it comes to signs industry and signs franchising, the biggest trend is solid and steady growth!

trends in signs franchising

One of the biggest drivers of growth is the conversion of existing sign companies or partnering up by co-branding with a franchise. Non-franchises businesses understand that a sign franchise offers the systems, marketing and support they need.
With the constant broadening range of products and services offered by sign franchises, non-franchised businesses may find it difficult to compete with and could be one of the major reasons for the growth and conversions.

For example, Signarama boasts a research and development department and is always looking for innovations within its core strengths that might add value for its customers.

Besides general sign franchising trends, one clear trend in this market sector is the dominance of Signarama. The Signarama Franchise has been ranked first in the Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 and is widely recognized as the industry leader.
Signarama has over 30 years of experience in the industry, and it stays up to date on all the latest trends, putting them to work more effectively than many of its competitors.

One key to Signarama’s phenomenal growth is the wide range of services it offers, from banners to trade show props to digital displays. Another factor is Signarama’s commitment to giving each client a fully customized experience that fits his or her needs, creating customer loyalty and brand recognition.

To learn more about Signarama franchising in Canada, contact 905-281-8000 Ext 1 or download the free Signarama Canada Franchise brochure.

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