If you want to become a businessperson, there are many different ways to accomplish your dream. You can join a stable business and through the years work your way to the top. You can start your own business, cultivating a new idea and hoping it takes off. Or, you can open a franchise and start with a proven business model that is sure to reach success under your management and guidance.

We believe that franchising is a great way to make it in the business world. Franchising has many benefits that don’t come with starting your own business, and franchising avoids many of the hardships and struggles start-up businesses tend to have. Below are three major benefits franchising has over starting your own business.

1. Franchises Have a Stable Foundation

Part of the reason individuals join a franchise instead of starting from scratch is because a strong business foundation already exists. The brand, marketing, future plans, customer base, and almost everything new business owners worry about are already established. In addition, most franchises have Business Reports and Key Performance Indicators that provide information that will help you learn how best to run your franchise and make informed business decisions.

2. Franchises Still Offer the Start-up Experience

There is something extremely satisfying and fulfilling about starting a business from scratch. However, there is also tons of risk involved in starting a business. Starting a franchise provides the same satisfying experience of starting your own business without much of the risk.

3. Franchises Provide More Help

Many new business owners have only themselves to rely on. In contrast, someone joining a Signarama franchise has an entire company backing them up and giving advice. Franchise owners can take advantage of the abundance of knowledge and experience other franchisers have to make sure their franchise succeeds. And we want you to succeed, because when you join a franchise, you become part of our franchising family.

Are Franchises Successful?

The bottom line is yes, under the right conditions. A Signarama franchise opened in the right area, and run by an ambitious, talented, and passionate individual will be successful. A Signarama franchise also has a better chance of successes starting a business from scratch, even under similar conditions.

If you would like to open a Signarama franchise, explore our website today to learn how!


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