When you’re looking for a business investment, there’s a lot of learning to undertake before you sign the dotted line. You want to find a brand that fits your personality and aligns with your personal and professional goals. Got a passion for branding and messaging? Love helping businesses tell their story?

Then a Signarama franchise might be right for you. To help with your research, here’s an introduction to franchise industry leader Signarama.

introduction to all-star franchise

How It All Started

Signarama began in 1986 when a father and son team set out to help fellow business owners realize greater visibility in their markets. Back then, the sign industry was far from what it is today, but forward determination, the Signarama sign franchise business was born.

What We Do

Today, Signarama is a full-service sign franchise business offering printing and sign services. We offer comprehensive training programs so our owners can learn about the latest in printing, design, sign sales, and the exciting world of digital signage.

As the #1 rated sign franchise business and #74 ranked overall franchise, according to Entrepreneur Magazine in 2014, we’re proud to say that we service our customers by committing to the core values that made our company a flourishing business 30 years ago.

How We Work

Signarama franchisees are advocates for the businesses in their communities. By utilizing a full portfolio of branding options, we provide our customers with customized marketing and advertising solutions to make a bigger impact in their marketplaces.

When you sign on with Signarama, you have access to a full team of administrators and team leaders who are there to help you understand your sign franchise business requirements, educate you about the signage business, and provide ongoing training and support.

The most profitable franchisees demonstrate the characteristics of leadership, dedication, and business savvy. If this sounds like you, you could have your business up and running before you thought possible.

What We Provide

One of the most important things we give our franchisees is brand recognition. As the most established brand in the industry, we’re proud to say that many of our franchisees hit the ground running with turnkey investments that are ready to generate revenue, thanks to the brand recognition our hard-working marketing team has crafted for our entire family of sign franchise business owners.

We have nearly 30 years’ experience, more than 900 stores globally, and we’re only growing stronger every day. That’s why we want diligent, hard-working leaders like you to join our team.

How the Numbers Add Up

As a business with average gross sales of nearly $800,000 annually, we’re sure you have questions about how our business model makes sense. Here’s a quick look at some important costs.

  • Initial Investment is generally around $168,000 to $172,000. In this $50 billion industry, the right investment in a well-researched market could mean a bright future and measurable ROI even early on.
    • Your initial investment cost will be based on a number of factors, including location, operational needs, and size of the store, but this range should give you a fair ballpark figure upon which to begin your figures.
  • Average Sales vary by location, but overall, our franchisees report $754,174 in average gross annual sales.
  • Training includes two weeks at HQ, one week on-the-job training in an established Signarama store, and two weeks of technical marketing training.

If you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of owning an all-star sign franchise, download our free Signarama Franchise Brochure today!


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